Why Choose Us?


Our team has a strong sense of aesthetics. With a keen interest in design and our ability to recognize emerging trends, our events are unique and remarkable. This core foundation is well respected by our peers and maintains our continued success.


A.S.K provide a service that is trustworthy, transparent and reliable. The team has built an unrivaled reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations without compromise.

Attention to Detail

We are enthusiastic about the detail. Our passion for well designed and executed events is unrivaled. Our finish is regarded as the industry standard. We don’t miss the details whether in our events, or in our day-to-day communication. Clear correspondence conveying the vision is what we do.

What Makes Us Different?

We deliver perfection: with precision planning the execution is meticulous; with our brilliant, extensive knowledge the process is effortless; with our exacting standards, the finish is flawless. We care about delivering the best and only the best will do.

A Personal Service

It’s not just about the décor, we have your best interests at heart. We consider all the elements of an event to give you the best experience possible. We work hard with our clients to realise their vision.

Our Experience

Every client is seen as an individual and with over 20 year of experience we know what works. If there is something that you really want, we know how to make it happen. More so, we want to be the ones to make it happen. Our time as industry leaders has done nothing to diminish our passion and we thrive on the new challenges our clients present.

Design Process

Every piece is a work of art, designed and constructed with exceptional care and quality. Each design concept is created, sketched, developed, refined to perfection and then turned into a work of art.

It begins with our clients, what they want, to help us get to the end result and make it as original as possible. We look through the client’s vision & ideas and look for the elements to incorporate into our designs that are most important to them.

When we find a design that really speaks to us, we study the design. We try to determine what parts we like and are drawn to, keeping those in mind when we work towards our final design. After we have studied the inspiration pieces for a while, we then go to the concept developing phase. The client’s needs will lead the overall design.
Our Creative team will turn your dream wedding into reality.