- No, we do not, most wedding décor quotes will already be thousands of rands and so the last thing that you need is to have to pay an extra couple of thousand rands towards the VAT bill too.

Do you work on weddings outside DURBAN?

- While we are based in Durban, we can travel anywhere in Africa to get your wedding décor to you. However, because of the logistics involved in traveling beyond the city limits, the further we go the more it costs.

Do you own all of your décor stock?

- We pride ourselves as a one-stop wedding décor shop, so while we own at least 90% of our stock, if there is something we don’t have and you need, we will find it for you.

Do your designs and décor have a very premium pricing?

- No, it varies from client to client. At A.S.K DECOR, we create beautiful designs to suit every possible budget. Each client and event differs according to clients needs. We do all type of functions, from small to big and each event decor is differently priced. We do very large scale weddings which at times takes a few days to set up.

How do I request a quote?

- You may contact us here or call us directly. We would get in touch with you and then send you the details along with samples of our work. You can email askdecor@gmail.com for a full quote.

How long in advance should I secure my wedding décor order?

- If the stock and staff are available you can order wedding decorations right up to the day of the event. For your own peace of mind, we do however recommend that you book your décor items 6 to 12 months in advance. We work on first come, first serve basis and deposits secure bookings.

Do you charge consultation fees?

- Enjoy free in-depth consultations with our experts who specialize in wedding and event décor but do book in advance. Usually we meet clients for the first time, discuss their function and thereafter we forward them a quote, once they accept the quote and pay a deposit then they can have unlimited meetings with our team. We also allow photos to be taken but only when we have received a deposit securing our services. We also do onsite meetings at venues once deposits are received.

Do you charge extra for transport fees?

- If you are getting married out of Durban– you will most likely have to pay for the extra transport fees. All fees will be indicated if needs be. The fees will depend on the location of the event and the type of decor chosen, some decor sets require a few trucks to transport.

Can I cancel your services?

- We work on a first come, first serve basis. Clients can cancel their functions however the deposit will not be refunded as we have 1 set of each decor design. We offer free postponements at no extra cost to a later date. If there is a death in the family such as the bride or groom or their parents we will refund a portion back at the discretion of management and balance can be used towards next function. We receive alot of requests for the same dates and we end up turning other clients down and at the end we loose out. We have a contract in place to protect both the clients and A.S.K.

I have been let down before by other service providers, how can we trust your?

- At A.S.K we pride our self by offering 100% satisfaction and attention to detail. We have been in business for over 20 years and we not a fly by night company. We a fully registered company and can ensure clients that all our services will be delivered. Clients can read our testimonial page to read recent reviews, moreover, we invite clients for one of our events for them to view a set up and sample the food before booking us. We have done an event for someone your know and we are the most popular in our field.